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Nomads Open Door Policy

Players interested in playing for the Nomads may join a training session at any time. 

Players are Welcome to attend multiple training sessions with the current team.

Please fill out Try-Out request and a Nomads Coach will contact you with times and venues.

Location:  Kinsell Field, Hickman Youth Complex, 5300 Hickman Field Drive, San Diego, CA 92117.

Our residency program is currently accepting applications for August 2018 - July 2019 season.  International players 18-19 years of age please email david.armstrong@nomadssoccer.org. Residency Try-Out June 25th - July 2nd.



Culture: Identity and Values of the Nomads Soccer Club

The club promotes developing soccer players who have a feel and love for the game as well as the club. In order to do this, we have to create a learning environment that allows them to ascend to the best they can be on and off the field. Being a Nomad player carries a responsibility to continue the traditions laid down over 40 years.  Which demands a behavior on and off the field which brings credit to the club and themselves. Players and coaches will endeavor to win every game, however, no matter what the result, they will show respect for opponents, officials and opposing coaches during and after the game.

Vision: Ambitions of the Nomads Soccer Club

The Nomads aspire to be a leading Club in the development of soccer players in the United States, irrespective of the player’s financial ability to pay to play.  We are not a business in the sense of being motivated by “profits”, the goal is to run the Club in a businesslike manner in order to support the players and coaches.  The Club seeks to play at the highest level in the United States and beyond.  We created a residency program in October 2014, and a high school academic program in 2013.  We hope to continue improving these programs to allow the Club to grow and give us the ability to invite more players from around the United States. The main function of our Club is to develop players who can be successful in their chosen career path. We can produce highly technical players of outstanding quality.


The Key Pillars of the Nomads

The key pillars of the Nomads Soccer Club are as follows: Experienced, focused, and dedicated staff. A history of successfully developing professional players, therefore a perspective of what is needed to develop a player to a professional level. The Nomads brand is respected throughout the United States.  This reputation has been earned over 40 years of competing against other coaches and clubs.

The Role that the USSDA plays in the Nomads

The Nomads Soccer Club has a whole is in fact one unit leading to the Development Academy teams.  All resources are invested in this endeavor.  All teams in the youth program are considered possible...

Full-Time Academic and Training Programs

The Nomads Soccer Club is dedicated to the total development of our player-students. Through our partnership with local educational institutions (Middle and High School), the Nomads International...

Talent Development Culture: Identity and Values

The Nomads Soccer Club considers themselves a professional development academy and all that brings. The philosophy and culture of a professional club should prevail. The players are expected to behave as athletes who are considering a career in the game. The Nomads will look for players who have a professional outlook, are willing to work diligently to achieve their goals. The logo we wear on our shirt states “For Those Serious about Soccer” encapsulates the attitude of the successful player in our Club. The written mission statement of the club and cultural statement should be the guiding light for all players and staff in the Nomads.