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U.S. Soccer Development Academy Game Scouting Form

The U.S. Soccer Development Academy Game Scouting Form is designed to provide our Technical Advisors and Scouts with a clear and uniform document when identifying and assessing talent and analyzing games.

Please review the following expectations for the 2016-17 season:

  • All Development Academy clubs are required to complete the DA Game Scouting form for any specified game in which a U.S. Soccer scout is assigned. Club directors and team coaches are notified in advance when a scout(s) is assigned.
  • All teams are required to complete the form electronically and make 2 hard copies to hand to the assigned scout(s) prior to kick-off.
  • Clubs may not use their own electronic template. Hand written schematics are also no longer acceptable for U.S. Soccer scouts.
  • In case of unexpected changes prior to kick-off, the form may be corrected by pen or pencil. For example, a coach may need to make a change because a player in the starting 11 gets injured during warm-up.
  • As a best practice, clubs may also email the completed form to their respective Technical Advisor to maintain contact frequency regarding game plans and performance for individuals and teams.
  • Note, there are two sheets: Standard Schematic (11v11) and 9v9 Schematic (U-12 only). The 11v11 form is pre-arranged in a 1-4-3-3 formation, and the 9v9 form is pre-arranged in a 1-3-2-3 formation. However, the coach may easily rearrange the icons by simply clicking and dragging them into new positions to create the desired formation for their team.
  • For reference, see an example of completed Game Scouting form for the U-16 BNT here.

The Development Academy Game Scouting Form can be accessed here. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Scouting Form, please contact Jason Heckendorn at

Referee Evaluations

Referee evaluations are available through Bonzi’s Member Accounts. The Academy would like head coaches to enter in referee evaluations for all of their games. Providing feedback for referees is extremely important as it is regularly used for referee development, which will benefit player development as well.

Please see attached for a brief guide on how to complete the referee evaluations. For each game, we encourage club technical staff to leave feedback for the referees: center, AR1, and AR2.

To access the referee evaluation guide, click here.

U-12 Referee Fees

The U-12 referee fees for the 2016-17 season have been posted in Bonzi under the ‘Club Fees’ tab. The invoice is indicated in the ‘Other Fees’ section as ‘2016-17 DA Season U-12 Referee Fee’ and is ready for payment. As a reminder, this referee fee will cover all regular season games and Academy futsal events in January-February 2017. This payment is due no later than September 16th.

HUDL Login Information

As a follow-up to the email communication that went out on Aug. 30, at least one representative from each club should have received an email with login instructions for HUDL. If you have not seen the email that it may be in a spam folder. If your club has not received this email, please contact Dave Greene at

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applications will be accepted until Friday, September 11, 2016. All applications must be fully completed and submitted electronically by 11:59pm ET and include valid copies of 2015 (or 2014 if applicable) tax returns in order to be considered for a scholarship. Partial applications will not be considered. The Development Academy staff will then review applications and have final decisions made by Friday, September 16, 2016 and communicated accordingly. Scholarships are only available to Full Time players in the U-13 thru U-18 age groups. The application can be accessed here:

U-12 Rosters

Reminder that all U-12 divisions (other than Washington and Oregon) will play two U-12 games as part of a fixture. The U-12 player pool for a club should be split up differently from game-to-game (examples: separated by birth year/relative age, skill level, playing style, etc.). The opposing coaches should communicate in the week leading up to the game, or on game-day, as to how their rosters will be split for that fixture, to ensure competitive games that maximize development for all players

Split Fixtures

A split fixture is when the U-12 game, U-13 game, U-14 game, U-15/16 game and/or U-17/18 game from the original fixture date is played on separate dates between the same two clubs.

  • All split fixtures, although played on different dates, are to be treated as if played on the same day in accordance with all rules and regulations
  • No player may participate in more than one (1) game of the split fixture.
  • All suspensions (both player and coach) apply to all games of the split fixture, in addition to any appropriate future fixture dates
  • Failure to enforce the provision properly may result in forfeit or fine